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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Today in Maths we learnt about greater than and less than.  We made a greedy crocodile mouth.  The mouth ALWAYS opens to the biggest number.  

Next we made two sets of different sizes.  We put the crocodile mouth facing the biggest set.  Then we read the mathematical sentence.
For example:  2 is less than 5 
5 is greater than 1

You could get us to practice this at home.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Today in Maths we made patterns.  Then our friend 'stole' one of our objects when we weren't looking.  We had to guess what was missing.

Here are some of the ways we figured it out:

  • "I read the pattern to figure out what was missing" - Max U
  • "Sephia read the pattern to see what was missing" - Leah
  • "Molly thought, which one is missing?" - Stevie
  • "I just looked at the pattern and then I figured it out" - Kalas
  • "I repeated my pattern" - Nate
  • "I memorised my pattern and so I could tell which one was missing" - Noah

You might like to play this cool game with us at home!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Over the next two weeks we will be learning about Pattern and Algebra.  We have started with Pattern. 

Today we played Musical Patterns.  We had to make a pattern and then when the music stopped, we moved to a friend's pattern and continued that pattern.

We have been talking about the rule for our patterns.  For example if the pattern was:  Red, blue, blue, red, blue, blue,  the rule would be ABB.

To help at home you could get us to make patterns with beads, coloured socks, forks and spoons, our toys, and get us to tell you the pattern's rule.


Welcome back to Term Three!

We have come back to school super eager to get straight back into our learning.  This term we will have Athletics.  Starting next week we will have Athletics practice every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Athletics day is on the 25th of November so we have a lot to do to be ready to compete out at Massey!

This term our Inquiry is Creative Play!  Our teachers will give us cool challenges to complete.  We'll post photos of our activities throughout the term to keep you up to date.