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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


 These clever cookies have been learning to skip count to solve multiplication problems.  They are practising skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  

Here's a great song you can play and sing along with to help you learn to skip count.  
It's a VERY important and SUPER helpful skill...


Here is our latest Candyland Press Pass holder - MAX! 

You have been writing some amazing stories and you are always a brilliant self manager.  We think you have worked so hard to achieve your learning intentions this term.  You definitely deserve this recognition of your effort.  We think you are fabulous!

Monday, June 29, 2015


Today we have been learning about Capacity - Capacity is how much something holds.

We had a challenge to find out which cup would hold the most water.  We brainstormed lots of different ways to find out which hold the most.

We used the beans to help us.  We filled the glass to the top with beans and then we poured them into the paper cup.  We noticed that the paper cup over-flowed.  The paper cup couldn't hold as many beans as the glass.   Therefore...  the glass would hold the most water!

We proved this by putting water into the glass and tipping it into the paper cup.  The paper cup over-flowed.  It does not hold as much water. 

Soooooo...... if you are really thirsty, have a drink from the glass.


A big CONGRATULATIONS to Zia and George who moved up a Strategy Stage in Maths today!  We are super proud of you both!

Saturday, June 27, 2015


On Friday we had Genius Hour.  Our teachers challenged us to think creatively but... there was a catch!

We had to choose whether we wanted to think creatively by ourselves (Self-Manager) OR think creatively when working with others.  This would involve being an Effective Communicator as we worked towards a common goal.

Here are a few photos we took on Mrs Lunn's phone of us thinking creatively...
Phoebe, Isabel and Paige working together to put on a wedding

Aaliyah being a self-manager when drawing her masterpieces

The boys being good self-managers when creating vehicles out of Mobilo

Some fantastic and creative works of art by Julia, Jessica and Stevie

Naomi being a very competent self-manager - check out her creative wind-chime!

Riley, Lucas and Sukhdeep working together to build a race track!

Matty's awesome Mobilo creation


This weekend, Riverdale School children presented their amazing learning at our Science Expo.  We displayed what we found out about plants and showed some of our experiments.  We hope you were able to come along.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


There are some pretty cool learners in LC 15 & 16.  Here are a few photos of us working hard on Thursday.

Max U levelled up a stage in Mult.Div today!  Great work Max!

Alex and Aaliyah built a super cool Word Tower today!

Alex and Dylan wrote AMAZING stroies today!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Today in Maths, we weighed the  toys in a Balance with teddies.

We found out that Dawson was the heaviest toy.  He weighed 42 teddies!  
The Rainbow Mouse was the lightest as he weighed 5 teddies.


Today in Maths the Year Ones used plastic teddies to balance out objects we found in the classroom.  Then we worked out which object was the heaviest by seeing which object weighed the most teddies.  That was Mrs Lunn's phone!  
Then we looked to see which object was the lightest.  That was the whiteboard marker.  By the end of the session, we were getting pretty good at making estimates about how much something weighs.

Here's Jack sharing the Mystery Kete this afternoon.  Carrot seeds!  What a neat idea to put in the Kete Jack!  


 Every fortnight, we have a full School assembly.  The teachers put forward names of fabulous children to receive a Principal's Awards.  Today our super learner was CAMERON!  He has been writing the most amazing stories.  Well done Cam, we are really proud of you.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Today we planted some pots for Mrs Peck.  We had strict criteria that we had to stick to when we decided what plants to put in.  After a lot of investigating we decided to plant Polyanthas and Pansies.  Here is the process we went through...

First we cut the weed mat
Then we put it in the bottom of the pot over the drain hole so the dirt won't fall out and bugs can't get in

Next we add stones on the bottom to help with drainage

We put in some potting mix up to the 2/3 mark
                                            We needed to loosen the roots so the plant doesn't become root-bound

Place the plants carefully in the pot and push the soil around them
                                                   Put more plants in to fill up the pot

Ask someone super strong to lift the pots outside - thanks Ben's Dad!

Arrange the pot so it looks good

Smile for the camera!   Well done Piako 2!


Over the next two weeks we will be learving all about Weight and Capacity in Maths.  Today the Year One children got to use a balance.  We weighed Dawson, Na-na and Lambchop and made up mathematical stories about what we saw.

 "Dawson is heavier than 'Na-na'.  Dawson went down and Na-Na went up,"  said Nate.

"Lambchop weighed the same as 32 vehicles," said Paige.

"Dawson weighs more than Lambchop," said Leah  "We can tell because Dawson went down and Lambchop went up," explained Stevie.


Check out our new song for Phonics!  We love it, but it gets stuck in Mrs Lunn's head ALL day long!

Kids I've put the link to this song on our Literacy Learning Songs Link, so you can sing it whenever you like!  Luv Mrs Lunn


In one of our workshops we have been learning that if we know one multiplication fact, we actually know three more facts!

For example:

If we know ... 3 x 2 = 6

Then we know  ...

2 x 3 = 6
6 divided by 3 is 2
6 divided by 2 is 3!

What a handy thing to know!


What a huge difference knowing our 'Doubles' makes.  We are learning all about Multiplication and Division at the moment.  The children who know their 'Doubles' (ie 1+1, 2+2 etc) effectively know their two times table.

They can not only solve mulitplication equations involing the 2 times tables but they can easily divide a number by two as well.

Here are a couple of 'Doubles' songs you might like to let us practise at home...

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Gosh what a lot of rain we have had in Palmerston North over the last few days!

Here are a few photos of our community looking a bit wet and soggy.  I hope you are all safe and dry at home.  I know a few of you will have flooded streets.  Take care!

Love From Mrs Lunn