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Sunday, March 22, 2015


In Genius Hour this week,  Ethan decided he would write a letter to his Dad.  Here are a few pictures of Ethan showing his letter and reading it to his friends.  
We decided that writing the letter was only half the fun.   The best part was getting it in the mail,  so we went over to the office and asked Mrs Johnston if we could send the letter.   She kindly said yes and gave Ethan an envelope and some stamps.  
So... Ethan's Dad,  keep an eye in your mailbox,  there's something coming for you! 


  1. Great stuff Ethan, it's good to write.....

  2. I received this in the mail - it was such a touching letter and Ethan was so excited for it to be opened!

    Thanks so much for this; Diana & I are really pleased with the progress Ethan is making with his writing :-)

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