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Monday, November 30, 2015


Today we got to choose which activity we wanted to do.  
Those kids that stayed in the Rainbow Room, did an activity called Machines Alive!

We listened to some music and pretended to be robots.  We had to do some actions.

Then Mrs Lunn gave us some pictures of toys.  We chose which picture we wanted to do and we made up some actions for how we thought it would move.

Baeley, Bailey and Zia were a rocking horse

Cameron, Kalas, Dylan and Saul were a racing car

Sam, Jack, Tyler and Issac were a train

Jayden, George, Riley and Alex were a toy boat

Ethan, Leah and Naomi were a rocking horse

To be successful, we had to think creatively.  We talked about our ideas and we gave them a go and changed them if we needed to.

We did it!

Well done guys!

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