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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Today Constable AJ came to visit all the kids in Piako 2, to talk to us about keeping ourselves safe.

He told us all about the difference between secrets (things that make you feel yuk) and surprises (things that are good and make people feel happy).  He also talked about good touches (like hugs and kisses goodnight), bad touches (kicking and biting etc) and confusing touches (ones that make us feel confused or unsafe).

He told us what to do if we feel unsure or unsafe about a situation.  We did a few role plays so that we could practise what to do.  We talked a lot about who we could ask for help if we needed it.  Mrs Lunn and Constable AJ were very proud of us because we know what is right and what is wrong!

Constable AJ had us hanging on every word

Here we are practising saying "NO! Stop it I don't like it!"

Constable AJ told us to remember PANTS.  Here's what it means...


Dear Parents,
This was a very positive and empowering session for your children.  Constable AJ reassured the children that they might not ever need to use what they learnt today, but that it was good to know what to do just in case, they or a friend needed help.  You might like to talk with your child about what AJ talked to them about and reassure them that you as a family and the teachers at school will ALWAYS help them if and when they need us.

Thanks for your on-going support


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  1. Great to see the children learning these important messages - Max was able to almost recite what he had learnt!