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Saturday, June 27, 2015


On Friday we had Genius Hour.  Our teachers challenged us to think creatively but... there was a catch!

We had to choose whether we wanted to think creatively by ourselves (Self-Manager) OR think creatively when working with others.  This would involve being an Effective Communicator as we worked towards a common goal.

Here are a few photos we took on Mrs Lunn's phone of us thinking creatively...
Phoebe, Isabel and Paige working together to put on a wedding

Aaliyah being a self-manager when drawing her masterpieces

The boys being good self-managers when creating vehicles out of Mobilo

Some fantastic and creative works of art by Julia, Jessica and Stevie

Naomi being a very competent self-manager - check out her creative wind-chime!

Riley, Lucas and Sukhdeep working together to build a race track!

Matty's awesome Mobilo creation

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