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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Oliva and Timothy the Bear drew a picture using pastels.  She drew a butterfly first and then she looked for a green pastel and added lots of extra details.
Today in Genius Hour we practised being CREATIVE!
We built amazing towers, jet skis and houses and race tracks.  We drew colourful pictures.  We made cool things with mobilo.
 When we were being Creative we had to think about what were going to do.  We had to ask ourselves how we were going to make it better - we had to REFLECT! 

When were talking to our friends about what they were doing we had to ask...

"Can you tell me about what you are making."

This is an open-ended question.  Asking open-ended questions gets us a lot more detail!
After reflection and improvements

Aaliyah and Stevie made a bedroom for Dawson and he even gets a slide!

Jermaine made a ramp for a car all by himself

Naomi made a city complete with a cylinder on top of the tallest tower

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